Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


Tech startup



Not sure what you mean. We have another intern (not getting invited back) that is CEO of some Quidditch league/tournament.


I think I approve of the quidditch thing more.


living in the future sucks





joe pera helps you find the perfect christmas tree is one of my favorite things to come out in the last couple of years and i’m pretty excited for this.


My buddy met Joe Pera and said this is literally how he is in real life


Elon Musk is seemingly acknowledged as a visionary and a forward thinker, but I’m having some doubts. He’s 46 and dating Grimes who is 30. You don’t need a crystal ball to figure out where that relationship is ending up.


Tesla is also hemoraghing a billion a quarter with no plan to get out of the hole other than maybe raise more money to burn. Elon also isnt interested in answer financial questions when asked.


The most amazing part of Tesla to me is that Musk managed to create an actually disruptive technology that could have fit a huge niche and revolutionized an industry. He then managed to squander the opportunity trying to techbro-ify an assembly line.


I’m sure obscene staff turnover and an uncomfortable work environment will turn things around.


Does anybody else get spam email and phone calls about positions at Tesla

I feel like Elon could be the next Nigerian prince



That’s a “loss” meme holy shit




i missed the boat on the “loss” meme. i keep seeing it but i don’t understand. i must be getting old.


The origin is a Ctrl+Alt+Delete comic about one character having a miscarriage (this in a comic otherwise full of Penny Arcade style video game humor and general hijinks). The meme now is just increasingly obscure interpretations of the core structure of that comic.



this is a good meme because the general public will never understand