Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


Is this peak meme


oh i know the comic. i didn’t realize it was THAT “loss”.


This is triggering me


This morning I had a bad feeling about my front passenger side tire so of course I parked on the street facing my office and lo and behold when I left for lunch the fucking tire is flat

I haven’t been paid in three fucking weeks and I have a flat bah gawd


Why are you still working then?

Day 1 after not getting paid is me going in and telling them I won’t work until paid.


They do this weird thing where you get paid two weeks after a pay period (so for the 1st through the 15th you get paid on the next 1st).

I don’t like it but the pay is waaaaay better


We do it the same way, you must have just started then right?


Yeah on the 18th so I don’t get paid for five days


So you get paid once a month? Isn’t that pretty standard


P sure the standard is biweekly


Grimes dating Elon Musk



Should I bring leftover fish to work and eat it at my desk y/n


make sure to microwave it to bring out the flavor


mad repsek for the GB shirt



I only drink angry water. This is the experience I want from la croix.


I gotta say plain plain La Croix is much nicer than plain Perrier


death to those who besmirch the name of lacroix