Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


For the record Achilles is totally black, as is Jesus.


Heimdall on the other hand…


My 5000mah bank/speaker broke, did not charge things but still could play music and get recharged. So I went to the store and as it was less then year from I bought it it was still in warrenty. They did not have the make anymore so I got a store credit. Used to buy a lot better battery speaker. JBL 600mAh, good for 6 hours and the sound is way better then on the tinny old battery bank.


Jesus was God damn hippy punk communist.


Its up to the hippie left to save the world.


The other guys think the earth is 6000 years old.


Well, we have to work together. Thats for sure.



I learned a thing today. I had problems rooting clones. After seeing a article that a guy would let the plants sleep 48 hours in total darkness after being clone. So I did that. Around 15 rooted for me and looking healthy. Nice little trick. Best is its costs nothing.




leetcheese come live in pa so you can have your 4ft of passing space


The only thing you need to know about Solo: A Disney Cash In is that Darth fucking Maul is in it. He’s like a space gangster or something. So to those wondering if Disney had hit the fan service bottom yet, I believe that’s a resounding lol nope.


i read all the plot points for it and i’m astounded people are calling it “fun” and a “good” movie.


The biggest problem with the whole setting is the limited set of characters they choose to work with. 10 years from now they will not have expanded beyond the scope of the original triology.



Holy shit this is literally the best shop I’ve ever done and I did the Richter Belmont/The Price Of Admiralty mashup






getting some serious sam x borderlands vibes from this and it looks fun?