Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


My GF goes through the Ocean brand spray like crazy and says her sinuses have never felt better, esp when the pollen situation is bad.


Take a hot shower


A shower can fix like 90% of your problems



Is that waffle memeing


galaxy brain memeing



oh my god





Picking up Witcher 3 again, never quite finished the plot or played the DLC last time, but dang this game is good.

Also, in an awesome probably-coincidence, my savegame was right before a big recap scene where you describe to someone basically all the main plot stuff you already did, so I’m only as lost as usual from not playing the earlier games or reading the books.



good tweet good vine



No Man’s Sky is still $60 on steam lmao




pretty sure i’ve talked about how much of a megaman dork i am


Holy shit. Brood War Proleague is coming back with all the old teams. This is the best timeline.


it’s like 90 with 97% humidity today. i was gonna run after cutting my grass but holy shit i’m melted.