Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0



every time i see this i cry

why did G*d have to take such a flavorful man from us

1 like == 1 prayer


this is so sad

can we hit 50 likes?


jesus dont scare me like that


hello tis i the biggerdangdude here to tell i am a 29 year old man and i am excited for pokemon


Same tbh






Wow new Fallout


One, Two, Three, New Vegas, Four, Seventy-Six.

I am expecting a full-on city builder sim or a Fallout battle royale or something else disappointing. Also, getting a new Fallout before a new Elder Scrolls (but we’ll be getting Skyrim on buttplugs soon, I’m sure) is weird.


Can’t wait to see how stupid the story is this time


Tbh I really enjoying the base buildings in FO4 especially the vault dlc


Hi zulu


Ayyyyy lmao


hi nate. i was thinking about you the other day. hope you’re still surviving in the hellscape that is PA.


Yeah man though I might be moving to C a n a d a soon

lmao gonna miss out on civil war 2