Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0





After work we setup up an IV bag and tubing of water and used it for an absinthe drip.

Turns out 60% absinthe is pretty potent.


I am a sucker for gadgets. Got a nice radio 550mAh thats picks up every channel, that takes usb and play mp3, even a memcard, JBL bluetooth speakers 500mAh, a friend gave me then a sweet Marley bluetooth speaker 2200mAh, lasts for 12 hours and serves as mAh bank. You charge your phone with it.

Its powered by Power cube, 2 usb 5v 2,1amp on it, 3 normal plugs.


The sound on the jbl is acceptable, the marley one is very good for a battery speaker. I own 3 other stereos that are far more capable. But not transportable like this.




I tried twitter once, its like untold people taking a mind dump in your head. Deleted in 1 month.


I need very badly to know if this is some kind of nordic idiom that deserves way better exposure than it’s gotten


I am sure there good tweeters, I was up 200 subs, the screen just endless spam.

Untold is similar to óteljandi that means something that cant be counted.


Hilmar has untold shitposts on many forums. Untold stars in the sky.


You cant tell the number, it is so immense.


Zulu forums have untold shitpost. The number is so high that gravity bends the light on the monitor.


I am afraid that after few years, Zulu will stop emitting light, a black hole of shitposts.


Twitter is definitely an acquired taste


also that speaker looks pretty tight




I found forum that is filled with most egotistical shitlords I have seen. Made thread about my new gadgets.
Well, the shitnazis came out in full force, when I started shooting back at them the admin came in told me to calm down…

I was just warming up, then I decided to let it be. Would prop get banned.



I am gonna take a huge dump in that forum and make everything toxic. Wonder how long I will be banned. Nothing of value will be lost.


Yeah okay weed is cool but have you tried shitposting?