Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


I am gonna shitpost the fuck out that forum, I have learned %95 what takes to take care of plant. Burning that forum to the ground will be a personal pleasure.


never gonna get tired of this may may


Hey remember Gab?


GUTTER TWINK is a real good name




They knew what they were doing

they knew


Buckley apparently deleted the original “loss” comic and replaced it with “found” which is somehow even worse


Privileges of living in Canada:

Lower pay than us counterparts
Weaker currency
Higher cost of living
Likely higher taxes too
“Free” healthcare
Being a chinese protectorate
Worst housing market in the world
Worst telecoms in the world


my friends and i have been playing fortnite with this dude with no mic for a few days

long story short, my buddy found him on instagram and it turns out this guy used to be some trap lord xanax dealer and is now fighting 4 cases lmao

the internet is weird


It’s a small weird world


Telecoms thing is legit, the rest is either half-baked reactionary mythology, or true only in narrow circumstances that won’t apply to everyone.


It’s real in my mind


you’re right. you’re a white male in 2018. the world is your oyster.


this guy gets it



Let me tell you about your country


Exhibit A: https://twitter.com/ABC/status/1003327292762918918

Exhibit B: https://twitter.com/paperghost/status/1003339084331352064


ahem as gaijin we enjoy the privilege of objectively observing from outside giving us autistic omniscience over the rest of the world



If American exceptionalism weren’t true then why would they put it in our history books? Checkmate Canadians