Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


just hung out w/ this chick i saw during school

put on neckelus f and she was like, yo i love this rapper

good shit


Back from Europe, and I sure do love getting water at restaurants


And people taking credit card without getting all pissy


Apparently my hot water heater is broken.

Took a cold shower. JESUS FUCK.

I feel like I’m hallucinating


idk i like taking cold showers in the summer


Get one of those instant heaters. I got one as as a backup when we were doing up the house and it’s really useful


Because I yearn for death, I’m purchasing a motorcycle


Nice, what are you getting?

I’m thinking of getting a Ninja 400


I’m getting a Vulcan 500 probably, which is basically a Ninja 500 engine with a small cruiser skin




They have apparently managed to resurrect Homeworld: Cataclysm or at least get it to run on modern OSes (though I believe they still don’t have the original code so there can’t be a remaster). But since its release in 2000, Blizzard trademarked Cataclysm so now that game is Homeworld: Emergence.



R u gonna be one of those dweebs that runs around in jeans and a shirt


got my pixel 2

it’s fucking nice


Farcry 5 has some stunning views.


I ask again, has anyone ever seen Elon Musk and Chris Roberts at the same time?


im gonna pick this up when its on sale


Hell yeah I love to lose all of my elbow skin at once


Gonna buy this 16 pots hydro 140 liter

90% less work around the girlies. $350.


The trick is cloning good plants. Some are just very slow to root.
I have 2 mother plants that I selected for the best growth.