Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


Have you tried sucking cock Ingen. Meaby it will cheer you up.


If you like pooping, then you like it up the ass most likely.


50 watt COB led all spectrum, same as 250w bulp.

2 motherplants.

The clone room.

The grow.


Harvesting 1 kg from 6 plants I said I would do. They called me a madman. Mad harvesting I will do.


Purchased the bike today. I’ve ridden a manual bike like twice in my life ten years ago, so got to look like an idiot in front of the shop guys, but I didn’t die once on the ~20 minute ride home!


does PA just let you buy and ride a bike w/o a license or did you get one before


I am having new floors put into my place and I would have done things differently if I could go back in time a week.


you poor soul


My sides


Westworld was masterpiece. The second series is not as bad as I thought.


I’m digging it.



me too thanks


my wrist hand has rly been nothing me

when I put pressure on the bottom of my wrist my hand is kinda numb

is this carpal tunnel??? idk why I’d have it I have gr8 typing form


Can you still jerk off? That what is important.


Sounds like it or tendinitis


Ah fuck


I think tendinitis because carpal tunnel isn’t supposed to be so sudden right?


Ay yo I know a lotta you nerds like POE and are generally ARPG fans and also some of y’all like the 40K. So FYI, Warhammer 40,000 Colon Inquisitor Colon Martyr is a lot of fun so far. Thoroughly enjoying running around as my assassin capping heretics.


i left my phone at the bar last night and when i came back an hour later the bartender had it for me! super lucky.