Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


still mad you can’t fly covops/exploration shit on a free account even if you’ve got the skills trained in eve


Ok but how many hats does it have?


To date I have found none, which is admittedly a little upsetting. Lots of slinky catsuist for the assassin though.


You know why

Also playing Eve in 2018.




its says from 2009 to present you were a little bitch




So my GF is really good friends with one of her exes. This ex happens to be a woman. This doesn’t bother me, except I feel like it should. I can’t force myself to be petty or jealous - nor should I - but I feel like there’s something implicitly sexist about how I treat their friendship versus if said ex was a man (i.e. I’d be low-key noided).

It just strikes me that I’d be totally justified in feeling insecure in how she will literally drop everything to console this ex whenever there’s personal drama (read: often) and I can’t be fucked to care except when I worry to myself that I’m a low-key bigot who can’t take same-sex relationships seriously.

Ugh what the fuck mang


I see your post and will come back to it with a comment later, hilmar.

But I am watching Queer Eye in Netflix and I am feeling so many emotions. It’s really as wholesome and good as people said.


just fuck them both nerd


Anthony Bourdain’s death is the first celebrity death I’ve been bummed about in a while


It’s because he was a good, regular guy who got pretty lucky and that’s why he was so refreshingly different from every other media type person


He also had some correct opinions about Henry Kissinger.


Anthony Bourdain was the only dude in food media you could trust to smoke a joint in the back with the brown kids instead of sucking the dick of bosses


fwiw no reservations was one of the only shows i ever watched regularly

im real fuckin sad about this


I enjoyed his wandering hungry person shows too.


Not emptyquoting


Oh god. BattleTech overhaul mods are already here. There goes my weekend.


Let’s not forget that, among other things, Bourdain was a good poster