Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


Finally got around to watching the second season of Manhattan and guys,it’s good

It’s like The Americans meets Fallout


That is a good post tbh.


I made a meme for freelancers, feels good to be part of the discourse and thus history








How do I upvote a post more than once?


I am thoroughly enjoying this fresh Twitter account


Set hype cannons to maximum.


The Chicago Bears are building a statue to Jay Cutler. It will be a water fountain.


New DOOM (hell on earth babyyyyy)
New Rage, this one looks fun.
Just Cause 4: we’re fighting NOD’s Black Hand (fuck yea)

I haven’t been this excited for video games in a while


also Devolver going mental as usual


i am unironically not excited at all for video games so far. maybe i am just dead inside.


zero gameplay

i sleep


also that totally prerendered teaser from 3 years ago looked like a better game


It looks 80s Cyberpunk af. I am super in.


I found Livonian’s Twitter


Have you considered that you don’t like video games?