Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


B-but I’m a GAMER




Holy shit Bethesda announced so much shit


they really didn’t. it was 99% nothing.


but also me


the only thing gamers are aware of is how much they disappoint their families


Fallout: Oops, All Settlements looks like a big old turd. Bethesda’s take on Rust et al.


WTF? I hate Cyberpunk 2077 now?


guess im not a gamer


i ahd to unfollow gibson a while ago because of his lib takes


Pity that nobody working on Cyberpunk 2077 bothered to ask “hey does the father of this genre have a Twitter?”



I respectfully maintain that Cyberpunk is fundamentally about the themes at play–street level perspective, technology so omnipresent it invades our very bodies, the excesses of capitalism taken to their destructive apex, etc. It’s not just rainy streets at night.


I suspect that William Gibson is doing that thing that some authors do. Pontificating about the “truth” of something they penned and how things that obviously stand up, do not stand up.

Instead of having a shred of writer authenticity in their body and dying of cirrhosis of the liver.


i suspect gibson is just a big ass dipshit who wrote stuff like “and then the hot cybernetic penis fucked the hot pan-asian cyborg Mitsubishi pussy while he fired his twin pistols as yakuza-esque gangsters with cyber bullets” and a bunch of nerds were like “wow this really speaks to me because it’s very layered and deep”


LOL, reading in 2018…


Uh so he’s saying it looks like a city? Is that bad?


These reads a lot more like Neal Stephenson tbh.


If sex in your cyberpunk doesn’t sound like a Nascar pit stop, then it isn’t authentic cyberpunk.


i’ve started snow crash like 5 times and never finished it. so tbf i don’t know enough about his writing style to make a truly scathing insult.