Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


lol Ubisoft is asking for spec work from the community with a $50,000 total pot

So many nerds are going to spend so many hours making art and music that’s not gonna get used, and even if it is they’re going to be hilariously underpaid

Capitalism is so efficient


Yeah this isn’t Gibson style, Gibson reads more like Raymond Carver on adderal



I would’ve thought you of all people would be excited for DOOM bdd


no gameplay. trailer is cool and all but until i see it’s basically doom 2016 but more i won’t be happy.


doom 2016 was such a good game


Yeah wtf everything I’ve seen so far has been teasers and cinematics

Didn’t DOOM have an actual gameplay teaser


Yea thats fair.



Gameplay reveal not until quakecon


they did that for doom 2016 too which was poopy but whatever. i’m still pumped. i literally just replayed through doom 2016 over the past couple of weeks and my biggest criticism is that there aren’t enough demons. (and by that i mean the game doesn’t feel challenging until the last hell section before spider mastermind.) apparently they’re fixing that with the sequel so i’ll wait with bated breath.



here’s a spicey one


#wew #lads




too little too late


Does discord have a business model yet?


I don’t think Discord will see any loss from this
I know too many autists that are alergic to change, it already took them too long to move away from fucking Ventrilo and IRC, I don’t see them switching just because its steam integrated.


leetcheese literally reeee’ing for like 6 months about switching to discord is a prime example


irc is still superior

discord is bloated and ugly tbh


discord could be a lot better than it is, but I don’t think theres a significant enough improvement in the steam version for people to change.