Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


Imagine calling discord ugly then praising IRC



Yeah, it is a bit hard to take seriously at that point.

Even Livonian knows when to dial it in.


I probably cannot be pointlessly cruel to shit bird Zulus in the Steam client so maybe it is better…

or worse depending on your shitbird status.


Either way


irc is better and its an open standard


Discord sells cake boy chat to the Russia so their Twitter bot can more authentically call you a cuck. - A sentence in 2018


i wanna chat with russian cake boys


Some crazy fools have spent the time to build RogueTech, a complete overhaul mod for BattleTech. It nukes the main story, so you’re just a merc trying to make it, and you get the whole Inner Sphere to play with, and the timeline is advanced to 3031, after the discovery of the Helm Memory Core so bits and pieces of LosTech are coming back. You start with random mechs, random pilots with random levels of XP. The full spread of mission difficulty is available from the start, so you can go right in 5 skull missions if you want. You always start with 1 heavy, 1 medium, 1 light, and super juiced up LosTech chassis called the Erinya. Tons of new parts opening more customization options. Mech maintenance now varies with chassis cost. You have to pay to drop mechs, again based on their chassis cost. And all the combat rules have been redone to be more like the tabletop ruleset. e.g. shooting a target no longer removes evasion, falling down is automatic with full stability but instead depends upon a piloting roll, pilots can get freaked out (test: guts) and eject from their mechs (both your dudes and the enemy). And most important of all, the latest update brings the tabletop heat system into the game. It’s no longer a binary option of hot but fine then structure damage. You get increasing penalties, including chances for ammo explosions and shutdown.

It’s way tougher. It’s way more fun. It’s the BattleTech game I’ve always wanted. Now I just need customizable pilots and to figure out custom portraits so I can have the cast of Hackers in my barracks.



@Ingen today on youtube on my phone I got served a PRAGERU ad with your favorite Canadian. It was 5 minutes long and I pressed skip at 5 seconds.


i’m so happy with the way this looks


is this what it’s like to be excited for video games???




Do you hate women and minorities yet? This is an important prerequisite to being a gamer.


i’m not a GAMER. i just excited for A game.


You’re a gaymer


also this


These are the most concrete details we have about this game. Really makes u think


at least they’re not going full Todd Howard


GameInformer had a fairly detailed breakdown of the closed doors demo CDPR did for the press. It sounds like open world Deus Ex with more cybernetic customization options on the table. CDPR are also saying nothing about a release date, except a vague reference to current gen consoles, so we might still be a year+ from release.