Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


i’ll have you know i won back to back solo games last night in realm royale and one this afternoon. so yes i’m good. thx k bi.


I have a theory that this is Dril’s true form


John McAfee is a national treasure


John is the patron saint of /r/Buttcoin these days. He’s a gem (whose value rapidly fluctuates but is definitely only the result of organic market forces).




I can’t wait for Coprophagia VI


Apparently his big shill of the moment is an app out of Mexico that claims you can pay your doctor with Medical Token Currency.

He has a ton of videos on his Twitter where he yammers at the camera for two minutes about vision and I bet you’re the kind of person who would’ve cashed out of BTC at a dollar. These always and invariably begin with him doing a magic trick. It’s not like an object lesson. He doesn’t refer back to the trick to illustrate his point. He just does the trick, then does his rant.


considering stating a thread of crazy shit my crazy step dad sends me on fb messenger

I’ve never once responded, but he’s messages me chain letters every day

here’s one from today



whoa send the money truck my way too pls


I like that the Facebook is still fundamentally about hitting your friends with trucks


I like that J-Mac is still compelling people to give him money by threatening their livelihoods with tech jargon


lmk if ya’ll would be interested in the daily christian republican rants i receive


I would read that thread.




I like Chaos Budda with splash of Jesus. Got $100k from insurance last week. Most of it going to paying down my flat. Bad news is that I dont get $5000 tax rebaid from the gov because I own to much of the flat.




His apartment building finally collapsed under the weight of his printer collection.


I insure if I lost my job and went on disability 10 years ago. I basically bet against me in life.