Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


44 clones from 2 big mother plants. I could have taken more, they were the best of my last clones. There is always your favorite, grows big and perfect leaves.


Some like this plant that was vegged for 1 week and went to flower 12/12 time, is strangely pretty.


Other I wont post, didnt make the grade for a photo. Little 1 cola darlings. I love all my plants.


I love you too.






I’m on vacation and today I saw a maintenance truck that had a bumper sticker that says NEVER FORGET BENGHAZI and had a picture of vile rat on it


Should have done a PIT maneuver and called him a stupid goon






Let me show you how to steal an actual good meme from the front page of Reddit:


drinking is fucking overrated

am I getting old


My 14 year old was playing Cards Against Humanity and “Things White People Like” - “Police Brutality” was the winning play.

We did OK, she knows ACAB.




how does it feel to know you’ve done well as a father so far?


also this epic dunk


And this epic further dunk: