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wtf grimes is good music

don’t hate her just cuz she likes that musky cock


It is important that I say this, and it is important that everyone hear it too.

You absolutely have to separate the creative output, from the probable monster that created it.

No matter how good something (music, art, movies), the person creating it is not that thing and it will always lead to tears if you forget it for a second.

Usual Suspects is still a good movie.
Grimes music is still good (it isn’t.)
Sin City is a good comic.

Enjoy the thing, but do not elevate the creator.


It is also important to note, that everything Elon has ever done is utter rubbish.


a corollary if you will


Good people are boring and not very good


Oliver is one of my favorite shows. Raises your IQ and spends only 10 min to shit on Trump. Yes he is a reptile, but he is one of the good ones. Making fun of Norway just made Iceland love him.


i don’t know about separating the art from the artist anymore. it seems really pointless since it turns out that everyone is a fucking piece of shit who deserves the guillotine.


France tried that, guillotine everybody. Worked for them I guess.


The good music is how she gets you. Just like how boxxy got us all by being so adorable and charming.


all least boxxy didn’t turn out to be a nazi…right???


What did ever happen to her?


looks like she’s definitely NOT a nazi.




That is SO GOOD I find it hard to express how into it I am




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grandfather died

not excited to have to drive to Pennsylvania from New Hampshire


Incels are world reknowned for their nuclear hot takes but this is a billion suns exploding


Still haven’t seen iron fist, defenders, or jj season 2 but I started luke cage season 2 last night. And boy let me tell you I’m SNOOZING. I’ve never seen so many scenes of people iust talking at each other with garbage dialogue. I’m 4 episodes in and I have NO IDEA how they stretch this season to 13 episodes.