Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


same way they make their 8 episodes of content stretch to 13 episodes for all the rest of the defenders stuff


i mean i get HOW they do it but it blows my mind they’re STILL doing it. i’m not a big fan of the recent trend in TV shows over the last like 10 years where they’ll split a season up into A and B but i think the netflix marvel shows would see an insane uptick in quality if they did something like that.


Luke dabbed and I immediately cancelled my Netflix subscription


Jessica Jones and Daredevil both started strong with the whole “reluctant superhero” theme, it just got really weird once the rich kid and invincible black dude got thrown in


Luke Cage was good tho

Still haven’t seen Iron Fist or Punisher


Iron Fist suffered from them trying to fill in the backstory for the Defenders season.

Punisher owned.


yeah DD1 and punisher are still the gold standards for the netflix marvel shit. all the other stuff has peaks and valleys of quality.


but seriously luke cage season 2 is a huge NO CARE from me. this is the most boring superhero show i’ve ever seen and this is coming from a dude who watched arrow for 6 seasons. how anyone actually LIKED this season is beyond me.


My best friend got married yesterday. My all powerful cynicism is minimally but significantly reduced.


I’m still at the age where I think people my age who are getting married are weird



he’ll yeah dude


girl ive been hooking up w/ said we should date

i said ok

what do now


time to ruin everything probably


show her who you really are


Invite her to Zulu


First step: get her a zulu account


How does she feel about video games, Star Wars, and international Zionism?


she helped me put my m.2 drive into my pc today

she’s also a hot redhead


MOBAs? Idk