Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


So the Swedes are working on a new game, a sequel to EU:Rome, and it came out in recent dev diaries that it’ll have a mana system a la EU4. Some fans objected to this. Johan did a Johan. And now folks are hopping mad.

As someone with zero interest in the game, I’ve got no horse in this fight and I can just enjoy watching nerds shriek at Swedes.


I think the biggest sin of S2 Luke Cage is the enormous amount of exposition, delivered in a thick Jamaican accent.

Other than that it is basically S1.


Bought a $600 speakers 2.1 Thonet&Vander


The sound is superb, on the low watt list, still, on full power its to high for normal listening.


Must be cool to have no neighbors in the land of ice


My neighbors will with time learn to dread when they hear me start up the music. Fuck them.


I so much as breathe the wrong way in my yard and a dozen small ass dogs start borking


My autism commands me to buy this. The speakers demand it. I can use the digital out for a better sound. Bluetooth is not the best. Although you can play from your phone/tablet etc straight to the speakers. So its not useless.

A signal to noise ratio or SNR of 116dB means your audio will be >99.99% pure audio which is 34.4 times better than motherboard audio.Nothing less for my new speakers.


I am I in a mania state? I dont sleep or think about other stuff. I remember when I put the digital out from the tv to the 5.2 system. Everything so much clearer. I was amazed. 5 hours until the shop opens. Guess some WOT is in order.


The code here is no racket after 11:30. Other wise you can blast it. In a sane border. 12:00 to 19:00. Sometimes I blast until 11:30. But thats very rare. I listen usually at a mellow tone.


i have nice speakers but i don’t ever get too loud


Nice headphones are way better than nice speakers


well i have nice headphones too. bose qc35ii were the best increase of quality of life for the office.


Real question is, do you smoke loud? Have you got that loud? Smoking doinks up in Amish.


i’m fuckin dankrupt my friend






Does anyone have storage trunk recommendations?


go on craigslist
search “trunk”
buy cheap