Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


go on craigslist
search “trunk”
get murder and put in one


does a neetcage count as a trunk


Sound is 9/10 I would say. $900 well spent.


If I would gone down the route of buying a amp, some crap and then the speakers. $1400 atleast.


Also, we foreigners dont understand your use of graiglist. Russian roulette of getting roped and taken away for things you really should avoid.


I haven’t had a bad CL experience yet and I’ve bought tons of gear at half the price it would otherwise cost


I also just bought an Alesis vi61 keyboard which simplifies the Novation Circuit by giving me pads and pots for fucking everything

Now it feels like I have an actual arranger instead of Barbie’s First MPC


Thanks I hate it


boogie is just DONE with all the negative people on the internet!!!


i am unironically subbed to his youtube channel because he’s a trainwreck i can’t look away from. i am not ashamed.




That Iranian chick that shot up Youtube’s offices got demonetized, but booogie is still flush with insulin meds and can afford health care for the 1000 things you know are wrong with him.


:raised_hand:Excuse me sir :raised_hand::clap:but :clap::point_right:is that original post you made :point_right:right there :point_right:loss :question::point_up:Now hold on :point_up::rage:it might sound ridiculous :rage::triumph:but bare with me here. :triumph::eyes:You see :eyes: there’s 4️⃣ panels :point_up:let’s count them :point_up: 1️⃣ 2️⃣ 3️⃣ 4️⃣ panels :exclamation:️:exclamation:️:raised_hand:And you know what else has 4️⃣ panels :question::triumph:That’s right :triumph::rage:loss does :exclamation:️:rage: :point_down:But i’m not done yet :point_down: :eyes:you see :eyes::point_right:in the first panel :point_right::point_up:there is :point_up: 1️⃣ object :point_left: positioned slightly to the left. :point_left: :rage:Should I even continue :question::rage::triumph:I guess I will :triumph::unamused:as you still don’t understand. :unamused: :astonished:I should clarify this is a level 5 loss meme :astonished::roll_eyes:so I don’t expect you to understand it. :roll_eyes: :tipping_hand_woman:‍ Anyways :tipping_hand_woman::v:️ in the second panel :v:️:eyes:there are 2️⃣ objects :eyes::point_right:next to each other :point_right: :point_down:with one being slightly below the other. :point_down::point_up: In the 3️⃣rd panel :point_up: :v:️another 2️⃣ objects are present :v::raised_hands:right next to each other. :raised_hands: :point_up_2: Finally, :point_up_2: there are, yet again, 2️⃣ objects :point_up_2: :call_me_hand: which form an L shape. :call_me_hand: :eyes:Everything looks like it’s adding up :eyes::triumph:therefore​:triumph::rage:it HAS to be loss :exclamation:️:exclamation:️:unamused:You need to make it less obvious next time :unamused::roll_eyes:if you want it to be more funny. :roll_eyes:


I still don’t get how this meme got so big


Especially after it slow burned for like a decade.


Hey :wave:you hot :fire::star:️ piece of American :flag_us: ass :peach:! Today :sun_with_face: is the fourth 4️⃣ of July :star:️ also known as :thought_balloon: Independence Day! 1776 :see_no_evil: years ago, America :blue_heart::heart:️:blue_heart: was ruled :princess::skin-tone-2: by King George Washington :eggplant::older_man::skin-tone-2: from the country :flag_tr: Europe :scream::confounded:. Thank goodness :pray: Daddy Sam :eggplant::man::skin-tone-1::flag_us: and Barrack Obama :eggplant::boy::skin-tone-4: won our freedom :raised_hands: from them. Today :trophy: is a day to celebrate :champagne::confetti_ball::tada: our religious :pray: and sexual:eggplant: :flushed: liberties. So get down :arrow_down:️ on your knees :jeans:and worship your daddy :eggplant::older_man::skin-tone-2: and thank him :ok_hand: for your liberal :heart_eyes_cat: labia :tulip:! Send this to :keycap_ten: of your favorite Stars :star:️ and stripes sluts :princess::skin-tone-2::girl::skin-tone-1::baby::skin-tone-1:! If you get 0️⃣ to 5️⃣ back, freedom rings :confetti_ball: throughout your pussy :ribbon: because it is so empty :wastebasket: and large :eyes:. If you get 6️⃣ to 8️⃣ back, your daddy :eggplant::older_man::skin-tone-2: is sure to give :point_right: your sweet land of Liberty :tongue::lips: a taste :clap::tired_face:! And if you get 9️⃣ to :keycap_ten: back, your patriotic :flag_us::confetti_ball::blue_heart::heart:️ pussy will be filled with nationalism :flag_us::blue_heart::heart:️:100: and dick :eggplant:!



What a meme


I just want to remind you that you are from a 3 world country.


Plebeian speed is 100mb, anything under that you dont deserve to call yourself a nerd.