Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


i have gigabit in my third world country


Literally what does 940 mbit download speed matter except for downloading the LOTR and Hobbit trilogies in like ten minutes


host is Reykjavik
I hope you like being eternally cold and irrelevant


I call it ludicrous speed. For some real talk, only in torrent with many seeders and big file like 5 gb hd movie will strain the connection. Everything else works at 1mb to 10mb, it all depends on the server you are downloading upgrades from.

50mb would be enuff for all normal activity. Just shitposting around.




What is your ping to London?

That is like me measuring my ping to the router on my desk. (It’s pretty good FYI.)


From Reykjavik to London.


To Amsterdam.


Better than expected. Lets try something far away.


Hungary did well I think.


Thought Japan would do better.


Cali should have been faster.


And the last one, New York.


I swapped from glasses to contacts and boy things are weird



how do you like having peripheral vision again


lol the starter in my car is dead.


It’s gr8


if you like gamers filling their diapers about stuff, a guild wars 2 dev was mean to someone on twitter recently and THE COMMUNITY DEMANDS AN APOLOGY



GuildWars… 2…