Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


if you need to find a stud just load up grindr


came (past tense of cum) here 2 say this


just another stud in the wall :wink:


Reddit’s Thanos Ban circlejerk reminds me of the time where Leetcheese banned the Anime half of Zulu.


i knew it looked familiar but i couldn’t put my finger on it


Provide link


I’m also going back to school next month to become a health coach and get my Holistic Medical Cannabis Practitioner certification. That way, I can do more focused one on one work with all of you in the future. And I love you guys, so I’m super excited about that.


Medical cannabis is an oxymoron

It fries your brain


the mind is a terrible thing





This is a most repugnant use of Disturbed cover art, sir.


I have questions



I’m too chickenshit to ask my gf for private time to waste my life playing vidya gaymes

I kind of knew ahead of time that this would happen but I legit miss just spacing out for four hours on the computer. It’s stupid and selfish and there are way better things to do with my time but now that it seems like a treat it’s all I want to do.

Married/cohabitating folk, wat do


just tell her you want to go play video games you dingus


I feel like this is something I should’ve done waaaaaaay sooner, like insisting when we first moved in that I had to have computer space just so that it wouldn’t seem weird later.


Assert your constitutional right to video game time


definitely should have brought it up at some point yeah. it’s never too late but it seems like you guys have been together long enough now that your communication over it shouldn’t be a relationship ender.


set up computer space and also set up space for her to do what she likes