Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


Having a gf


My daughter needs a personal project for the summer. My wife and I are suggesting that we give her $100, she goes to the race track and turn it into $500 and we keep $400.

Apparently she thinks spending the summer developing a gambling problem isn’t a good use of her summer.

We might have failed her here.


have her learn to program


Photography, Reading, D&D World Building, Disc Golf, Biking, Orienteering/Hiking, Archery, Javelin Throwing, Marksmanship, Throwing Knives, Prepping, Weapon Maintenance, Contingency Planning, Small Unit Tactics, Murder, Baking/Cooking, etc…


lmao do you want her 2 become an incel


Just add Dota 2 for that


Could have just said Anime


yfw i’m reading amazing spider-man for the first time in a decade.



So Twitter purged fake users from its service and now the show begins



man i fuckin love when stupid people get mad on the internet


The same angry guy later goes wild about his follower/following ratio, laments that he may have to unfollow some people just to appear e-famous


the combination of a crazy redneck and a teenage girl, i love it


I haven’t quite sorted out my hierarchy here. Which is worse?

Star Citizen backers
Elon Musk boosters




I didn’t lose any


Surely people who knock on your door at 8:00am on a sunday are in there somewhere


Update: there has been and continues to be lots of very dumb writing about the anet/jprice incident:


All you have to do is be a complete dickbag to your customers in public and you might get fired. It’s really terrifying and a shocking upset to current expectations. Welcome to Trump’s America.


Apparently shark week is now 2 weeks long?

How much shark is too much