Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


it’s about the ethics in employee conduct aka the alt-right wins again


I was actually too shocked that there was still an active Guildwars player base, to continue my investigation into what horror had occurred to them.


I mean how many times can you grind on the same five or six world bosses before you shit yourself with boredom


[citation needed]


Employee hostilely reacts to perceived slight, community reacts, corporate overreacts, and now gaming blogs have something new to write about.


Remember: The customer is always a fucking idiot


good tweet



I feel like the expectation that you can only face consequences for something if it is specifically laid out, is a particularly American mental illness.





It’s called “freedom”

(also tho giving racists no quarter in public is good)


Ubisoft’s website uses the US admiralty flag which I have not agreed to therefore they cannot legally ban me and I will be suing for violating my First Amendment



“How many levels of neoliberalism are you on, my dude?”


6 or 7 my dude



anyone want to do a zulu titan drive hmmmmmmmm


Isk sent


You are like a little baby, watch this


We in Zulu have always been men of science and logic. Using my new 1000x usb microscope. What do these pics tell us?

High THC content (20%)
Its cloudy, so it gives a more heavy high. I should have harvested a week or 2 earlier.