Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


Fun fact: The software that came with the microscope was so trash. That in the manual they point out getting other freeware to control the device.


Bought a 10 year old golf a few days ago. 29k on the dash. Grandma used to own it. $5k.


Just finished S2 of Westworld and all I have to say is

it’s doing the Lost thing. I’ll post more when I remember how spoiler tags work.


Be careful with grandma cars, they usually run like shit because they’ve never cracked 2k RPM, and are only ever driven on 5 minute trips to the shops.
Basically the car never gets a chance to heat up, and because it’s not revved the valves and heads build up a lot of carbon so the net effect is that the car runs like shit.


also fix the clock on your camera


True, I spent $700 for a new timing gears and water pump. New cooling liquid and oil. I could make them check the brakes but they feel fine. Nothing major will pop up now. I drive it slowly, I am a 40 year old man. Not some 18 idiot with petal to the floor.

The time on the camera is fine, it never gets dark here in summer.


It’s ok to drive slow, just know that you can damage the engine by driving it like a grandma.


Golfs own. I have a gti


I rev it up when changing lanes and such. I will rev it special for you ziras next time I have to go anywhere.




The Lost Thing meaning it’s setting up mysteries whose reveals will either (1) never come or (2) be wholly unsatisfying because the showrunners have no clue besides “Make it mysterious, throw twists in there.” ???

Didn’t watch a second of S2 because S1 made it abundantly clear that was going on.


Take it to the shop and have all the grease and fluids replaced. One of the other things with grandmas cars, since it is new and they hardly drive it, it doesn’t need maintenance. The ball bearing grease in the wheels is probably the same grease the factory put in 11 years ago.




I just used this web site to illustrate the source of my contempt for BigData.


Except most of these things aren’t big data and instead are distributed systems frameworks


BigDataOrDistributedSystemFramework.com would be pretty much the same shit though.


atlassian is on that list lmao


Tyranny is free if you don’t mind Twitch games launcher and you have Amazon “I support modern slavery, thanks Jeff Bezos” Prime.