Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0



Is Gaydorado 420 friendly?



i set all of our internal 500 errors to ‘we ate shit’


It isn’t even discord eating shit, it’s google cloud services being absolutely trash


More like Gay Doritos



QQ… QQ never changes.


Haven’t seen this in a while


jesus christ how horrifying


Well my ssd seems to finally died. So I guess no more computer for me. Coooooooool beans.


Shit sucks dude

I have most of my files and software on an external HDD just because I know this will happen to me soon enough


Sending BDD my thoughts and prayers.


on the upside realm royale is back to being in a fun place. hi-rez hits it out of the park it one week and then poops all over it the next. so i’m sure i’ll be back to hating it here soon.


hi-rez ruin everything they touch


Measures and transfers the power spectrum (alpha waves, beta waves, etc.) data via Bluetooth Low Energy.

The device will work on me and Ingen.


I’m still mad about Tribes.


Coworker that lost his leg to a shark popped into the office for the first time since it happened. He looks like he is doing surprisingly well. Fuck yeah!


I knew a guy who owned a motorcycle shop who literally lost his leg (below the knee) in a motorcycle accident when he was 18 and later pulverized his pelvis in another accident and still rallies

Like what the fuck human perseverence, I can’t even get motivated to fix my brakes.


there was a guy my dad worked with who wiped out on his motorcycle and lost his leg. he took me to see the guy in the hospital. it was pretty gnarly.