Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


real talk: i do not feel good at all about killing this mouse. i would 100% rather just let one of the traps take care of it but i guess that wasn’t in the cards. rip little mouse. you fought a good battle. you escaped from my grasp 3 times only to be felled by america’s pastime.


today as i was driving home a bird/bat suicided into my windshield. it most certainly died

i felt pretty bad


This is Lou Gehrig’s story.


My daughter is going on her first date which means I have to buy myself a shotgun and a rocking chair.


School shootings have desensitized kids to the old man shotgun technique. Try using a kidnapping / extraordinary rendition prank instead.


I thought Canada banned all guns




So how about that No Man’s Sky update?


It’s good apparently






I am done with speed, I have no more. Stopping smoking grass after few days. The alcohol the fridge will be finish this weekend. Time to sober up. Use that year lifting pass. Chelsay Peretty is my new waifu now. She is a much better person then I thought.





Interesting, I didn’t know Zach Hill had published work





video game hot take: jc denton’s VO is actually good