Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0



Because Spielberg invaded our brains.


Dude there’s a CK2 expansion that lets you give ahistorical rights to women? I just saw that and got excited just imagining about the nerd rage. I need to dig through some forum archives.


putting on headphones after getting a haircut feels nice


seeing deafheaven and diiv in november



Yeah I have friends going to the Reno show, I’d get my tix but I’m too broke



my brother is playing CK2 right now.


he’s mere hours away from becoming a deus vult posting larper put him down while you can


Billions of fish killed annually for human consumption or as a side effect thereto.

Galaxy brain liberals: we must ban plastic straws. It is the only way to save the oceans.


It’s too bad they can’t do anything about ligondese


Sugma Ligondese is 100% going to be the name of my next D&D character.


getting to watch rapha duel and 2v2 makes me feel really bad about my own quake skills. dude is UNREAL.





big fucking ups to this tweet i’m losing it


Enjoying the latest David Cage game. I don’t get why people hate on him so much.


Well Indigo Prophecy was a masterpiece

Heavy Rain straight up lies to you

And I barely remember Beyond Two Souls


has anyone ran/played call of cthulu tabletop


Played it a few times in various flavours.


Just landed in Toronto for a few days. How many people am I supposed to stab/shoot or run over while I am here?

I mean I don’t need to set a high score or anything, just enough to fit in.