Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


BDD help

My wife is telling me she used to be a “short stopper”.

Help me make more fun of her.


i’m actively laughing at this. i don’t think there’s anything more i can say to own her considering the magnitude of that self-own.


But in Japan the position is called “Short Stopper”… why Pitcher, Catcher is ok and Short Stopper is not ok? :thinking:

  • ocrum’s wife


Oh god she is on a crusade.


I think she is going to dig up Yogi Berra to lodge a complaint.


quality content


Ask her if she ever played bofa


REAL fucking sick of the rain.


send help

Stellaris got me into CK2 and now I’m only like 5 hours in but I’m having real nightmares about my half-brother revolting


me, a 16th century aristocrat

They certainly are revolting! Har har!


Jesus I almost forgot about this meme


One of the benefits of Toronto being so hot is that it is perfect weather for wandering from microbrew to microbrew.


Hi guys.








Every time Facebook suggests the Mittani as a friend, I feel personally attacked.


im loling at the future of geriatric goons reminiscing on their eve shitposting careers via facebook years after becoming antiquated


god i hope i die before then