Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


you almost deserve it for both having facebook and previously played eve


reminds me of a maxim from eastern philosophy: you are already dead (omae wa mo shindeiru)



I’m at a loss for what that is.


I seriously just came here to bitch about how seeing loss all the time has ruined it REEE


My internet has been essentially unusable since I set up my computer initially. I ignored it because all I’ve been doing is track editing and Stellaris offline, but today there was a mandatory patch so I had to check out the router.

A fucking cat knocked it off the windowsill and the front panel broke clean off. It’s been wedged between a concrete wall and a couch for weeks while I’ve been like gee whiz our internet kinda sucks lmao. So now - maybe - I can play PoE



I have wireless charger for my phone. I predict there will no usb on phones after 6 years.


fuck that


Wireless charging is a neat gimmick but it doesn’t actually represent an improvement in convenience (you still have to be X feet from an outlet where X is the length of a cable whose ends snap off if you so much as raise your voice).

Plus USB is for more than just charging.


Sure, it’s also for security vulnerabilities.


It can recharge 2 phones, at 5v 1amp a phone. No more wire finding, plus it works on apple.



“Themelting point of psilocin is 345°f and the boiling point to vaporize it is even higher so it’d likely destroy it before it was really vaporized.”


The Liberty bell grows absolutely every where in Iceland.



What if we change the molecule to a more vape friendly compound?


My CNS would go into serotonin debt but it’d probably be a blast




this is because plato was a fukken virgin


Plato: I swear I’m not going to talk about love
Three drinks later
Plato: Sex is disgusting