Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


Him and Socrates totally banged though.


You can say that Zulu is very Platonic.



no coffee in my house. have to hit up wawa or something i think.


not a good start to the day.




(the answer is no they didn’t the game just sucks and people are fatigued over this shit)


Stolen shamelessly from reddit.


who the fuck still preorders video games


me if there’s a good cosmetic


The game play in the alpha was so fast that it felt nothing like Battlefield.


I think the last time I played an FPS with any degree of enthusiasm was Borderlands 2

Seriously folks how many times can you get 360noscoped through a wall before you quit the genre


The new WoW expansion is very PvP focused, which is fine though I haven’t really done much of it since wotlk. However they have made the game way faster, with a LOT of Fx spam so it is going to take some getting used too.


Saturday I’m going to my first ever Warhammer 40k tournament. I am both excited and anxious. Got a few models to paint up before then. Should help me chill out a little.


Just remember that you’re probably more well adjusted than everyone else there and you’ll be fine


went to the dealership to do my recall

they ran out of the part and forgot to tell me


look at all these nerds playing video games lmao lamers


Is it serious


Real talk most of the folks at my friendly local game store are pretty well adjusted. Now the dudes who play Bolt Action (historical wargaming) are a whole other back of nonsense. Couple old dudes who get very particular about the rules and get real heated when the young whipper snappers don’t agree. 40k is much more chill.


40K doesn’t even try to do anything mimicking realistic combat.

Historical guys are super fucking grognardy about what specific combination of dice rolls and mechanics replicate a Cossack cavalry charge. Do not play historics.