Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


Paging Nihilism Daddy Smizz to deflate my hype.


More like cyberflop lmbo


why pay to fight corporate fascists in a video games when you can fight them for free outside?


based and redpilled


even if it’s good there will be a patch a few months in that makes you think “I wish it had always been like this”


That’s why you wait 6 months to buy it


Okay, now I’ve looked through the video and it’s…fine. It really does blur together with the last 15+ years of video games in a first person perspective with upgrade systems and large open worlds. It’ll probably play just fine and eat up 150+ hours of your life, but haven’t you already played this game several times over?

My biggest disappointment is that this game looks like it’s sticking too much to its source material and it already feels like an artifact. Honestly, doink is right here. The bleeding edge of Cyberpunk fiction has already spilled into the world and assembled our present. This 20th century dystopia looks like a Saturday morning cartoon pining for your nostalgia while in real life the unthinkable unfolds. The video game bad-assery is trite fantasy in a dystopian setting (unless you are playing as a delusional cop), and it pales to the unreality of now. How could it compete with our cybernetic panopticon, or debt peonage, or our looming extinction?


Yeah it is very upsetting that we only got the shitty parts of the cyberpunk milieu.

Cannot even really have a mohawk anymore either.


Well I suppose I did ask for it.


i don’t know i’m pretty excited for it. i keep see everyone being mad about it because it wasn’t what they expected or something? i fully expect it to be at least 50% different from what we were shown by the time it comes out in 2020.


also it’s a 40 minute demo with barely any story context. so it’s hard to really get upset at the trappings (at least for me) when i just want to see cool cyber lady shoot evil cyber dudes in the dick.


I agree with smizzjizz but also I’m going to play it a lot because given the stated realities here my only other option is cyberdepression


Came Here To Say This


Also real talk if you think our modern hellscape renders cyberpunk no longer relevant as a genre, well I’m sorry but I just cannot agree.


Not saying this particular cyberpunk tale will have anything meaningful to say (I expect it’ll just be another fun game) but I gotta defend the broader genre just on principle.


been pondering on this

  • they sure are excited about not choosing a class. what is this, 2002?
  • I’m convinced that they’re good at the well-defined protagonist. I get the impression that in this game “your character” is “shaped by your choices” into one of a dozen different bland grey featureless blobs
  • i really want to see more of their night city


You got it twisted. Our modern hellscape is cyberpunk fiction, and it’s the best piece of fiction that the genre has ever produced.


All I’m saying is this “we don’t need future stories anymore because the present already caught up to us” is how you get a whole trilogy about advertising and Nazi jeans. Been down that road once before, my friends. Would prefer not to tread those stones again.



sounds like a real rad time