Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


I disapprove of your lifestyle but I still love you



Posting from freshly revived computer. So much space for games. First thing was getting og Deus Ex installed.


Getting drunk at the airport, which is, tbh, a favorite pastime. Gf thought she had work in Cincinnati, so I switched my flight to the only direct (Delta redeye, switched from Alaska daytime the next day), but then her boss later said they were going the following week. Will still get to spend time with my parents, but really screwing myself out of a night of sleep.


i could never get drunk at an aiport because my flying sends my anxiety through the roof and i basically want to barf 24/7 until i’ve reached my destination


if you consider flying dangerous it should calm you down

maybe it’s your ticket off this hellish rock


what the fuck



Some good info.


The ability to have multiple big games installed at the same time is kinda blowing my mind. Installing Doom just in case I might wanna frag some demons at some point.

I mean, I’m not gonna play any of these games. Because I am a hollowed out husk of a man, long ago shattered by the existential horror of our modern nightmare. But it’s still neat that I have the option.


I am unbroken, a nation of millions have tried to brake me. Some incel furry is not gonna have any luck.


I used to sneak food into class by eating it beforehand. Then during class when the teacher wasn’t looking I’d tactically regurgitate into the mouths of my classmates. I earned the nickname Meal Ticket by the end of the year.


You got a chuckle there Doink. Never heard that one before.


We are building schools in Syria. Children of all faiths are allowed. Now stop bombing the fuck out of it.


Replacing my cell phone, moving, buying a car, going back to school, staring at the sun, scouring my skin, putting on a smile, and crab walking my way to functionality.


Look at you being a grown up.

Proud of you buddy!


Being a mature adult is v overrated tbh


smoke weed and play video games



This post is for BDD only.

Also, my dude, if you are not keeping up with Starcraft right now, you should be. tl;dr the Tyrant is back.