Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


i haven’t at all after the last season of GSL. the only thing i’ve been watching lately is WEEB CARTOONS.


honestly disappointed in the lack of rage over the nike shit

i need more


It is too silly to be really outraged about. If you want to light your new shoes on fire (while wearing them occasionally) to trigger the libs, I feel it it pretty important to not reward it by getting triggered.


outraged over lack of rage

pwned by the gop again


And honestly 95% of the people mad about this don’t go outside anyway


KSL has almost wrapped up. Solid season. Finals coming soon. ASL 6 just started. Get on SC2Links (best way to watch shit and avoid spoilers) and get caught up, my dudes. If nothing else, just watch JD’s games. Dude is in peak form and it is glorious to behold.





Also imagine being dumb enough to play black and have an enchantment in your deck that literally fucks you harder than 90% of your opponent’s creatures will


rocket league has a battle pass thing out. kind of want to get it.


also not sure how i feel about all these games just blatantly ripping off fortnite with this battle pass shit. i mean i know dota started the BP craze but most of the modern ones coming out are legit just fornite template lifted straight up.


i guess it works though???




I have some bad news for you regarding the amount of original thinking that occurs in the game industry.


in other gamer news quake champions had a good patch today. performance is so much better. it’s actually a functioning game now. i’m lovin it.




shame the spider-man game is console only. looks really fun and full of little nods that only true comic book fans like myself would understand.


tfw you hit joe rogan’s blunt