Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


he does good skits but his political views are a little extreme left, which he brings up every other video.


dudes a nutcase


Yeah I generally ignore those. I just want to see him make fun of junkies and dipshits.


hate that i love this


Seriously though E-Musk had like a thousand good options including not hitting the blunt or maybe hitting it but playing it cool instead of looking at it like he was going to fire it for trying to unionize


I wonder how many people that dude has fired for failed drug tests.

The head of HR quitting was pretty telling tbh.


sure are a lot of Tesla short sellers itt







For a second there I almost forgot he’s dating Grimes


As some of you likely know, the Witcher (the greatest video game of all time) is being adapted by Netflix. Henry “The Chin” Cavill was recently cast as Geralt, a decision met mostly with positive reactions by the fans. Then, a casting notice was discovered on a UK casting agency looking to cast the part of Ciri and looking for BAME girls. BAME is apparently a britbong term meaning black, Asian, or minority ethnic. This was like a day or two ago. Since then, witcher fans have lost their fucking minds. The frontpage of r/witcher looks like something right off of Stormfront. Every post is either a meme of black Ciri, a long screed post about how this is an affront to Polish culture (I’m sure the Poles are glad they have a bunch of Americans to protect their virtue online), oh and there was one post that just happened to get tons of upvotes about one group of in-universe people who are typically portrayed as vaguely Central Asian Turkic types actually are white too because see here’s a sentence talking about them having light hair.

Oh and apparently Slavs would be considered BAME by the standards of British casting agencies. But you know, don’t let that stop the hate jerk. And look at the bright side, even if the SJWs totally ruin your waifu, at least you know Geralt will be played by ** checks notes ** painfully white British actor Henry Cavill. At least they got that one right.

Gamers were a mistake.


Welp you can always depend on gamers to lose their minds over (checks notes) waifus


I saw that yesterday and was happy to see that another property was going to be ruined by the “fan” base.


Tfw the culture has been ruined


Isn’t pop culture disposable by design? Meanwhile, myself, an intellectual, only consumes culture that stands the test of time, tribalism.


But is it going to be a bad adaptation of the games or a bad adaptation of the books?




The books. Sapkowski is involved and is on record as not liking the games very much (to the eternal consternation of r/witcher).