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When you a dragon tryna get with your girl but her dad creepin





Just saying Nilfgaardians are white supremacist religious nuts and Ciri is their leader.

Ok thanks praise jesus and kill all non-humans.




make a wish



9/11 Did Not Take Place


Down-thread the Roomba with a glock duct taped to it is pretty pro.


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If Joey Dias says Louis C.K has done his penance. Then I agree. Joey always has good stories and wise advice.


Honestly, coming back so soon is a bit strange.


I don’t think Louis CK will ever be welcome in a comedy club. I don’t think we’re obligated to welcome him back anytime, either.

He’s going to serve as an example of why you don’t exploit young people who trust you. It’s going to suck for him. That’s the point. Giving him an out just compromises this (i.e. “well, Louis CK jacked off in front of unwilling women and he only got exiled for five years, why can’t I come back after (x)?”). Sex predators should expect these consequences are life-long.


Plus, even if the comedy scene at large forgives what he did and welcomes him back in five or ten years, he’s never going to have the same level of respect. Maybe he’ll to do an indian casino* tour in ten years, which I don’t care about, and I doubt those audiences care either.

*I realize this might be kind of unknown to Euros and Cannucks but Indian tribes in the US can legally operate casinos, which are popular venues for B-list comedians and dad rock bands in rural areas of the country


He already has done one show. He just showed up at his favorite comedy club.


He did so good shows, lets hope he comes clean and attends some sex seminar.




“Showed up unannounced for an audience not expecting him” is not the same thing as “doing a show” lmao

Also therapy isn’t an out for preying on younger women who can’t say no out of fear that it’ll torpedo their careers


He was number 1. He was very anti bullieng, parents would constantly call him for help. He realized he could not fix this alone. So he made a organization and bought a house for children being bullied here in Iceland. I look like pure trash standing next to this man. This vid is made by his 11 old daughter. Its ok to cry.