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That and they haven’t taken a million chances across their career


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While we’re listing dudes who should just go away, Elon Musk needs to be top of that list.


launch elon musk into space


SLOWLY coming around to really like cod black doc ocks 3 battlegrounds. if they balance the armor this game would be actually pretty fun.


solo win~!~!~!~! me very good player me shoot man me #1


I take it that it is a battle royale too.


The circle game lasts the with of circle. All digits.


The sword has been a brutally effective weapon for thousands of years, but try to find instruction on using one for self-defense today and you’re liable to find nothing but books written by dojo-dwelling, gi-wearing martial artists hung up on ancient traditions and picture-perfect stances. For the modern sword aficionado looking for real-world advice, author and pragmatic martial artist Phil Elmore wipes the slate clean with Street Sword. Despite attempts by elitists to romanticize, deify or otherwise elevate it into a mystical artifact, Elmore treats the sword like a tool for delivering force, period. It is a mundane object that obeys the laws of physics, just like any other weapon. Street Sword will give you a framework in which to use the sword as a functional, practical weapon in today’s violent world, quickly providing an understanding of the simple physics involved, as well as concepts like timing and distance. Reading this book won’t help you win a colored belt or an Olympic fencing medal, but it may be invaluable if a knife-wielding thug ever comes crawling through your bedroom window one dark night.



Fuckin love swords


‘Ulfberht’ Viking swords was the best. You can almost hear in the swordsmith mind: Odinn bless this sword with your power at 45 min. Odinn answered and engulfed the sword with fire.


Swords are a bitch to carrie around tho and pretty slow to wield. Small knife and lighting reflexes will slit your enemy throat in 0,2 sek.


The mind is the most powerful weapon, well for some.


In your cases its your worst enemy. So easily trolled.


I am bored, so just to make you more angry. Here is a pic.


I have taken huge dumps on ck before on these fine forums, just dont like him. How you guys dont remember is beyond me…White supremacy, masturbation and shit jokes are not funny to me. Hilmar was fast defending him tho.


This is the face of a man who prefers his fights up-close and personal


They cut him in line. He cut back.