Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


They came for his TV. They left in pieces.


so yeah i would definitely buy cod if i could JUST buy the blackout part. i won 5 solos and actually had fun.


it’s got the feeling of when pubg first came out where all i want to do is grind the game nonstop. i’m legit sad the beta is over.


Like PUBG you’ll just get bored of Battle Royale and stop playing it.

Just buy it for 12 bux off humble bundle in 5-6 months


Play Rainbow 6 instead, the real autism shooter


i wasn’t bored with battle royale, i’m bored with buggy desyncing bullshit.


lmao 5 year grind to get every operator wow real f2p :^)


I just bought the 3 season passes :money_mouth_face:



SJWs replaced Linus Torvalds with a robot to destroy Linux from the inside


yeah, fair point it was actually me who was bored of Battle Royale


The case is amazing. It’s such textbook defamation, it’s a genuine shock to see it in the real world. Like, you’d expect this ship in law school as a hyperbolic example used to make the core elements of defamation stand out. Not a case that’s actually happening IRL.

Also, got to love the Unsworth hired one of the best defamation practices in the world and sued Musk both in California (known for high damages) and in England (known for the world’s toughest defamation laws). Musk is rich enough he isn’t likely to notice those damages, but thankfully he’s proud enough to surely notice his forthcoming trip through the mud.


there is no law on mars


tfw when elon musk unironically escapes to space to dodge paying court fees


Yeah even Popehat concedes that two of the eight claims are definite grounds for defamation unless Elon can prove them factual in the United States and the others might stand up in Britain.

God, what a time to be alive.


Space Force will bring Elon Musk to justice.


cant wait to become a space mercenary fighting in tribute to nwo president trump

hunting down musk for trump coins which i exchange to treat my radiation sickness


Yeah a billionaire called a British dude a pedophile on a global media platform. Then doubled down when asked to clarify his statement.

I imagine his lawyer had someone rush into his office to show him some tweets. He immediately poured himself a gulper of the good stuff and ordered a new BMW.


Personally I’d find myself a better client.

Like, losing a defamation case in the US (I can’t stress this enough) cannot be good for your resume or reputation as a lawyer.


The lawyer cut of 75k won’t be enough for a BMW