Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


I’m drunk and re-finishing ENT. Challenged myself to name all non-TOS main characters, and I realized how few memorable characters there were.

Also, Bashir is DS9 doc: it just came to me!


It appears y’all got some newfangled forums in recent times.


The old ones caught the aids.


The real aids were the friends we made along the way


Space Force Special Forces (SFSF), the Black Devils, shot and killed Elon Musk earlier today as he attempted to break into the Space Force Academy at American Samoa through the adjacent Trump Golf Course. Space Cadets were overheard saying, “He didn’t innovate enough”.


They’re suing for damages in excess of $75,000. They just specify that as the floor for statutory reasons. The actual damages they seek will for sure be a lot higher.


But what the lawyer buys a Tesla with his cut? :thinking:


okay that makes way more sense



that gatorade machine must be 30 years old



Cloudy and raining here today. Definitely a nap day.


pretty sure we don’t have an artifact thread, and i’m not gonna start one because it’s not even really a game yet, but everything i’ve seen from all the card reveals make me think it’s going to flop. it looks WAY too complicated.


its gonna flop and thats why we don’t hear anything about it


J Mac having a normal one


Sadly the video won’t embed, but please do click through. This is brilliant.


These moves are illegal in over seventy countries. Please share!!



Ingen likes his memes on the rocks.