Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


Real talk, I love Joey Dias stories, Rogan and Bill Burr to. I should have known better then to get mixed in that shitstorm that ck is in.


So TW:Rome 2 apparently features a %chance to acquire female generals. Because a significant number of Total War players are also gamers, the community has decided that this attack on history is unacceptable.

This is where we’re at folks


As I am marching my virtual army upon the Rus, I am reminded that nothing is more sacred than the historical accuracy of General xXHighDog420Xx’s conquests.



tag u’reselve


I am the really bashful guy with the ak.


Jamiz Franqqo


I am the lowest left guy that just had joint and is with sunglasses to hide how blazed he is.


I am the CNN microphone hiding sheepishly in the foreground.


Grimes’s boyfriend is in trouble.


Watch the stock price.


How the fuck does 2018 keep surprising me?


Tfw Grimes gets Musk investigated by the SEC


I told ya’ll

russian sleeper agent


We need to make Bee more popular. She is more or less preaching to the choir.

We need to make her a meme.


“something stupid Trump says”
Pic of Bee being a warrior.

Something like that.


Just a idea, trying to help.


My feelings to her are my own.


She seemed not so angry about being in my nerd fantasy.


Maybe less weed.