Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


Is it the 21 or 5 hours of daylight thatโ€™s difficult?


Not empty quoting


Its the coke , beer and other stuff that are helping.


I am the retardest when it comes to team speak
cant for the life of me get the mic to work


Make sure Windows recognizes your mic and that the application is set to that input.


I fixed it by putting in a usb headset.


motherboard nor the soundcard would reconize the mic.


After doing some coke, beers and weed. I conclude that it makes me fucking stupid.


And creepy. Bee is wonderful and ease on the eyes. That was I was trying to say.


Instead of firering up the grass root, I just put everything on fire as usual.
Next president is gonna be a woman. I likeTammy Duckworth


Why do I have to dig up all

these great women.

The talk shows dont mention a word.

You need the Latinos and white women.

There I helped again. I am scared to, who knows what you will do.


For you Ingen ^^


Tesla settled the suit before markets opened on Monday.

I wonder if that will matter.


Or rather to what degree.



A: $20 million


Kanye Westโ€™s new name.




Iโ€™m still sad they cancelled Marco Polo.