Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0



ASL YouTube vids keep getting hit with copyright strikes and yet our absentee President does nothing. Asleep at the wheel!


American Sign Language? Why would they get strikes?


i need a solo videogame i can get rly good at

maybe i should pick up street fighter again


If you really love somebody, you will let them go if they want to. I wont bother you anymore.


the practical side of me says i should just spend 60 bucks on better running shoes but the hobbyist weeb inside of me says spend 60 bucks on plastic chinese robot cartoon models


i just got some nice running shoes for like 100

don’t buy gundam toys if your money could be better spent elsewhere and you aren’t rich


What sorta running shoes you getting for 60 bones?

In the alternative, what does it say about me that mine are $160? Am I the bourge?


i was just looking for some busted shit on kohl’s site. i don’t even know anything about running shoes to know what’s bad or good. i just know i need some actual kicks. alternatively, i could just stop exercising and be a big fat weeb dweeb.


if you have wide feet get some new balances, they are really nice and helped with my running pain.


Norsemen on netflix is funny af and made me fall in love with Freyja

I am her pig. Her golden-bristled boar is called Battle Swine (Hildisvini), and recalls her role as the receiver of heroic dead. Battle helmets topped with iron and bronze images of boars have been found throughout England and Scandinavia, for the boar’s savage and cunning nature was widely revered. The other animal is the mare, associated with night, unbridled sexuality, and dangerous magical power. To “ride the night-mare” meant then, as now, to have bad dreams.

Also I might be Loki.


I once saw a show where some guys took out a viking long boat and sailed it with modern sail boat. The 1000 year old design almost won. It was better with wind straight at the back. The modern boat was better with wind on its side. Also the chainmail that europe was using had round rings. A good arrow would pierce it. The vikings had flat rings. The same arrow would not penetrate. The best way to fight vikings were to hire other vikings. Give them land and let them fight. Spain might still be muslims if not for these crazy war people hellbent going to Valhalla.

Nice links.


Scandies did not pop up from ground. The Kurgan theory.

Yes I am familiar with kruger affect

Thats why I think I am a idiot. The more you know, you get the idea how little you know.


Weedboi is back on his bullshit


i was thinking of watching this


I need a gun 2 defend against aggressive lifted-truck drivers while cycling and eco-fascists.


Lifted trucks are dumber than anything else considered stereotypically American but they will come in handy when we run out of guillotines


there’s a dude who lives in my neighborhood that has a big pick up truck with a KISS license plate and the KISS isn’t black it’s an american flag.


been playing battlerite royal

basically a top-down moba br without the dumb moba shit

it’s aite


It’s okay guys, we can stand down from yellow alert - Ciri is super white.