Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


Wait shit, another character is black. Shields up! Charge the REE!


small xcom 2 dlc is out. adds a bunch of legacy missions with places from the first game + soundtracks from UFO defense and EW. the legacy levels are like small mini-campaigns and are super rougelike. they feel REALLY good.


also cod is out friday and i’m genuinely thinking about getting it because i really want to play the BR mode.


die die die die die


i’m the normie your gamer friends warned you about :sunglasses:


tbh im more pissed about your 0080 post


I know this is for the other Pennsylvania town, but I’m still sending this @bdd.



yeet me into a shallow grave


Wanna build attack helicopters in FTD but instead this dumbass is going to buy a whole bunch of last-minute birthday shit for his gf bah gawd


not having a gf leaves you times for other things


More like I could have time to do stupid shit if I spent fifteen minutes finding things online instead of driving all over town to find the worse versions of the things she wants for double the price

I’m also still buying gifts like I’m broke when I’m not broke, I just have credit ptsd and can’t even look at nice things without feeling absolutely miserable


post can’t be empty


Unlike Sean’s promises.


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claw me until I bleed baby


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I have cracked the code. This is why the shills call me Adam sometimes.

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Clever little Hobbitses.