Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


I might be overthinking it tho.


Also, I find your lack of faith disturbing of me being invincible.Tightens the grip on Hilmars neck.


How many layers of drugs are you on right now


The recent Catholic Church scandals have been super interesting to me, speaking as a complete outsider. “Pope Francis is worse than the Borgia and Medici popes because of social justice” has to be the stand-out argument right now though.


I stopped counting 2 days ago.


Ok guys pick your gender

Gender fluid, Intersexual, Asexual, Cisgender, Pansexual, agender, androsexual, androgyny, bigender, cissexism , crossdresser, demisexual, genderqueer, gynesexual, metrosexual , polyamory, skoliosexual, third gender, Abimegender, Absorgender, Adamasgender, Aesthetgender, Aethergender, Affectugender, Alexigender, Aliusgender, Ambonec, Amaregender, Amicagender, Aptugender, Apollogender, Archaigender, Aporagender, Astergender, Atmosgender, Axigender, Autogender, Bigender, Bigenderfluid, Biogender, Blizzgender, Cadogender, Caedogender, Caprigender, Cryptogender, Xumgender, Xenogender, Voidfluid, Virgender, Venngender, Veloxigender, Tenuigender, Sychnogender, Stratogender, Quoigender, Quivergender, Preterbinary, Perospike, Pendogender, Omnigay, Nullgender, Novigender, Nobifluid, Nesciogender, Mutaregender … .


I’m gay


Cryptogender is what I feel.


Blizzgender and Stratogender is cool as fuck. I dont understand it, but it must be something awesome.


Which one is “The Big Gay”? That one is mine.


That would be “Omnigay”


Which one is the one where you’re so straight that it becomes gay?


Which one has the highest suicide rate?


Also Omnigay

Isn’t human sexuality fascinating


Boss Battle


ingen are you still running




If you’re not following Ice T on twitter then you’re missing out friends


his gamershit posts are unironically good


a bright spot in my day: able to finally reset my psn password so i could log into my PS4 account that i thought i had lost!!!