Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


There’s a mouse in my room so I basically tossed the cat inside, shut the door, and am going out to lunch


I have been gradually sliding into madness after realizing Cats has been on Broadway since 1982.


big same


I watched a new contra video is that a normal Friday?


I have seen jokes that it’s “normal” since they “release” on “Fridays”


Fryday always leaves me battered.


Playing God of War on my Ps 4 pro. One of the best game made I believe.
CIV 5 on my PC.


I grew up in insanity. Normal for me.


Mr. Trump is apparently our president far far far away cousin.


Go far enuff, we are all related somehow.


Kings and priests had cash and land to have a lot of babies. The poors not so much.


Sorry is that website name pronouced Nut In Men


base destiny 2 is free. it’s pretty good for a free game.


i also got a beta code for fallout 76. guess i’ll give that a whirl this weekend too.


Diablo? More like Diablol.


The new survivor is strange to me. Try watching it…
I would consider it a honor if somebody wrote a song about me. Like 1 song.
I would call 2018 the great dumbster fire. I will never get to see all the content, its so much.


My soul is public domain. I am fine with it.


Just wish they left my brother alone.


1 insane and highly dysfunctional family.


same, let’s team up fam