Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


incredibly surprised at how much i am enjoying the 76 beta. the game runs like shit and is LITERALLY just fallout 4: online edition but it’s fun.


it’s fun

it runs ok


I guess you could say Blizzard is really phoning it in.


Idgi could somebody briefly explain to me why incels want Trump to deport Diablo


Because migrants are taking our oil to help the media destroy America


I still don’t get how people can get physically upset over games that run on phones, like ofc it’s going to be garbage, you can run it on battery power lmbo


its a reskin of a shitty chinese game


Mostly, Blizzard did a really bad job managing expectations. They said Blizzcon would feature exciting news for the Diablo franchise. The exciting news was a phone game.

The entire community went from 60 to 0 in a sentence.


existing gamers have never ever given a shit about a phone game and hyping another company’s mobile game for a neglected franchise at blizzcon was a mistake


diablo more like diaBLOW


runs WAY better once i uncapped the framerate through the ini


Red dead Redemption 2 needs 90 GB on the hard disk, 2 BR disks. 2 hours to install…
Pretty stocked about playing it.


Neal degrass Tyson was on Rogan the other day, always a good listen. 1 thing stuck with me. He said he never been inspired to get a tattoo. So I thought about it and want to get a few things.

Next will be warhammer-clipart-mjolnir-12


Thats a owl with Yggdrasil behind it. Then there is Thors hammer.


What’s a more progressive/PC phrase for “tramp stamp”



2,5 hours of pain was made better by a really pretty girl doing it.




yeah that’ll do it

also running in fullscreen this session was huge


Bruce Lee had a hard life. Almost daily he was challenged by some stranger to fight, to see who was the best fighter. He never lost. Such a good soul and mentor.

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