Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


I am gonna call Samantha Bee Freyja Thorsen now. My viking queen. Love Oliver, he has the best fact checking team.


I find it strange when I go to reddit that 3/4 of the content on the front page is the Donald/. Its like the left is lost and have no leaders. And I remember them being the funny ones, now its almost sad.




It’s almost like the left abandoned reddit to shitpost on twitter instead


Blizzard was fucking tone-deaf and terrible here but christ do gamers (lol) need to fucking manage themselves, too. Every dev I know (I work in the games industry now btw) wants badly to make cool games and also lives in lowkey background terror of being terrorized by The Worst Gamers


This is of course also decades-long mismanagement of communities by AAA marketing departments, but that’s a whole thorny history


Death to capitalism and death to gamers. That’s my plank and I’m sticking to it.


it’s an ouroboros of asses shitting into each other


It just sucks when someone who works in like, 2D Unity Asset Production (or whatever) gets shit on and harassed because bosses and marketing back since the 80’s have been irresponsible


Even leetcheese tried to gamer bully me about DOW2. I mean I know it was bad, I worked on it. However since everyone had an executable to run and find that out meant that I did my job perfectly.


Someone finally paid attention to all the shit everyone was pointing out during development and actually fixed the pvp about 4-5 months after we shipped it.


So the system works


i will continue to gamer bully you because although the microsoft C++ redistributable part worked the rest of the game ruined my love for the franchise :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


muh DOW memories :sob:


If it makes you feel better, all the devs pointed out that the lame systems were lame three or four years before you did. Sadly the lead designer knew better and is now ruining something at Blizzard as punishment.

They only had someone actually pay attention to pvp stuff after we shipped.


Good times


i’m experiencing peak video game autism with destiny 2. i literally did nothing but comp pvp all grinding a quest out.


fortuna soon


another reason i haven’t shelled out for this destiny dlc.


i’m pretty sure it’s literally tomorrow

but you prob wont be able to play for a week because SMALL INDIE COMPANY