Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


fortuna is actually coming at a good time because i can probably get all of the content done before fo76 lmao



Red dead is up there with Horizon zero dawn as the best games ever made.


The playstation 4 pro is showing gfx in 4k that a pc just cant. You might spend $4000 on a pc, still wont be as good.

The PS 4 pro costs $400.


Plus you are playing on 55 inch 4k tv on your couch.


I evacuated tonight due to the Camp Fire

What a shitty name for a fire btw like you could’ve called it anything else wew lad


The good satanist are not happy with the evil group that are sullying the good name of the Dark Lord.


In other news, I am going to Spain. Allicante, the Mediterranean coast. Turns out leasing my flat in Reykjavik and going to Spain and leasing double the size and with the coast 500m from you nets me $1000 profit.

Going with ship to Danmark and driving down there. After 2 months that is.

Gonna try it for a year.


I am really enjoying Battlefield V. I’ve played every title except for 2142 and the original Bad Company. This one might be the best one I’ve played. The alpha wasn’t good. The beta was a little bit better, but I didn’t play it a lot because I didn’t want it to color my perception of the release.

I wasn’t expecting it to like it as much as I am.


2142 was the bee’s knees


I had the collectors edition that gave you a weapon skin that covered half the screen


How can you enjoy something so unrealistic as to have women


I’m jealous


Memes aside, this was a dick move by WB and I hope the Temple wins


I didn’t but how fucking clutch was murdering the camper who just sniped you by landing an ejection pod on top of their skull

(extremely ron howard voice) It was pretty clutch


i think that the temple is mostly using it for publicity and maybe a few bux.


Alicante is nice as fuck. You will seriously enjoy staying there.


kind of coming around to thinking artifact is gonna be pretty neat. like valve has the two starter decks you get with the game listed on the site and they look really interesting.


Did you ever play Quake Wars

I remember it being p fun too


I’m sure it’s a mix of both, but I know artist’s rights Twitter was pretty up in arms about it, and people don’t want to take it seriously because they have the word Satan in their name.