Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


Can you even trademark a mystical being that’s been around for several hundred years


Yeah, if you make a big specific painting of Jesus, you own the copyright on that painting.

Executives at the CW can’t just then Google search “Jesus paintings” and plug yours into their show



Anyway these people will crush artists everywhere without a second thought


I have no idea why I laughed so fucking hard at this



I am my own worst enemy.


In my case is working out more, go see the world, eat better. The biggest thing would be is that I am away from my dealers. So no more drugs.


19 December the adventure will begin.


Think I will rent the first 3 months. Then buy a flat. In summer the flats are mostly rented out on 3 times the price then in winter. Its really difficult to find a whole year rent lease.


With a loan, the payment would $400 per month. With my brother its $200 per month. That silly low for 60m2 flat. Plus nobody is gonna kick you out in the summer time.


Zen master doggo: Tennis ball is happiness equals life.


hello i’m here to say this unironically looks cute and like something i didn’t know i wanted but now do


Ok I also didn’t know I wanted this. I want this.


Yeah that looks delightful. I am on board/


Also rip comic guy.


GG No Stan Lee



Also Krang is right as usual


guys I can’t believe Stanley is dead?



Overwatch update and ck2 update on the same day wtf