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23% done in Red dead, after I cleaned the ps, the cooling is so good it got rid of the jet plane taking off mode. I cant hear it anymore. Also I found a relative living Alicante, he is gonna house me and bro for free until we find a house to buy. The rent is ridiculous in that part of Spain. Like 1500 euros a month.


Buying a house in Spain can be a 2 month process. With the state taking 10% of the price and 5 or 6 other things. You need a lawear for sure to make all the paper work. With Iceland in the EES, we can buy np. Dont know about outside EU and EES. Prop much more difficult.


EES is Iceland, Norway and Swiss taking up 75% of the EU laws. Its a bit strange, more autonomy, like you can make free trade agreements with anybody, but you have no say what laws the EU puts on you.


The big(ger) fire in California is almost over, but a thick cloud of smoke has meanwhile settled over Chico. We’ve had no wind to speak of for an entire week so the air quality has gone to complete shit. We’re up to eighty-something confirmed dead. General consensus in the community is that there will be several hundred or up to a thousand dead by the time everything settles down.

We’re scheduled to get rain Wednesday through Friday, which is going to be disastrous for the 1100 evacuees camped in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Schools are closed until December 3rd (at least) so there’s more students and teachers volunteering than are needed and no shortage of clothing or food, but we have no idea how long that’ll last, given there’s 20,000 people without homes and no long-term plan to resettle them.

Friends are talking about moving away. Housing is in such short supply I’m afraid our landlord will evict us to move in one of his friends’ families (it happened a lot in Santa Rosa).

On the upside I haven’t had a cigarette in five days, so if I end up quitting smoking I guess this won’t be a complete colossal fucking disaster.


Hope everything works out for you Hilmar, sounds like hell over there.


Also Trump has arrived


There should be snow and ice here. Its almost 18c in places. All the wind is coming from europe.


artifact NDA is up and people are streaming the closed beta. it actually looks REALLY fun and something that i would really like. i definitely think i’m gonna wait and see what it looks like in a few months though. 20 dollars to get it isn’t much but it seems like you’re gonna have to sink a solid amount of money into buying boosters to be able to get any kind of competitive deck. there doesn’t seem like there’s any way to get cards outside of opening booster and buying them off the steam market right now. we’ll see though. i’m just gonna enjoy watching other people play it for the time being.


i think i get artifact for free because of attending TI?


yeah closed beta for ti people just opened today


CCGs are basically the devil. Do not start playing them friends.


hearthstone was bad value for how much money you have to put into it
artifact is worse according to people I’ve talked to
I have no idea if it’s actually worse


kripp and purge bumping into each other while streaming. this game is fucking awesome. it’s literally dota in a card game. the depth right now is the grand canyon. listening to purge analyze all his moves it getting me fucking hyped.


they made a bunch of adjustments to the economy today thanks to all of reddit’s crying. you’re still gonna have to be a whale to take full advantage of the game but it’s no worse than hearthstone. plus we still don’t know anything about future playsets other than they’re coming. i mean overall artifact is probably a little better since you can sell individual artifact cards on the steam market so you can make SOME kind of money back on your investment.


I will never play another online card game after wasting money on hearthstone tbh


Net runner is about as close as I let myself get to ccgs. Mostly because there is no collectable part to it.


Artifact. Interesting. If Valve were an English company, they’d spell it Artefact. And wouldn’t you know it. artEfAct. EA. The truth was hiding right there all along.

Artifact = EA = bad.



Booster packs are the original lootbox


Netrunner was so good, I’m sad it’s dead.


now I want to play MTGO again

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